Virtual Machine Setup


Kernel Purging


/usr/local/bin/ -q

Ensure to chmod a+x /etc/cron.daily/purge-old-kernels.

s Use Xenial Kernel —————–

Due to:

it was necessary to upgrade many servers to use the 4.x kernel version.

sudo apt-get install linux-generic-lts-xenial

then restart to pick up the new kernel.

LVM Resize

Add new device.

Recognize new device:

apt-get install scsitools

Format the new disk:

fdisk /dev/sdb
  n (for new partition)
  p (for primary partition)
  1 (partition number)
  (keep the other values default)
  w (write changes)

fdisk /dev/sdb
  t (change the partition type)
  8e (for Linux LVM)
  w (write changes)

Initialize LVM physical volume:

pvcreate /dev/sdb1

Determine name of volume group:


Add physical volume to volume group:

vgextend name_of_volume_group /dev/sdb1

New free space should appear in:


Resize logical volumes to use free space:


Add space to the logical volume:

lvresize --resizefs --size +931GB /dev/name_of_volume_group/Name

or more manually, add space to a logical volume:

lvextend -L +100G /dev/name_of_volume_group/Name

then resize the filesystem (ext4):

resize2fs /dev/name_of_volume_group/Name