DataONE Environments

An “environment” in the context of these documents refers to a complete installation of the components necessary to provide a functional DataONE federation. Each environment is completely independent of others which facilitates testing of new software releases within an environment without impacting others.

Each environment is completely disconnected from other environments - there is no communication between systems participating in different environments.

End users will typically only interact with the Production environment. All other environments are used for development and testing purposes.

Table 1. Environments used by DataONE infrastructure.
Environment Role Description
Production Production The production environment operates the DataONE production infrastructure. Uptime of this environment is of highest priority. Maintenance should be scheduled and users must be informed via the operations and cicore email lists.
Stage Production testing The stage environments are used for testing Member Nodes, updates to Coordinating Nodes, and any other changes before deployment or participation in the production environment. Except when testing CN components, the stage environment should be operating the same version software as the production environment.
Stage-2 Production testing As for the stage environment.
Sandbox Testing The sandbox environment is used for evaluating new features and other potentially disruptive changes. The sandbox environment may be running different (typically newer) versions of software components compared to the stage and production environments.
Sandbox-2 Testing As for the sandbox environment.
Dev New features The dev, or development environment is the most volatile environment and is used for developing new features or other disruptive changes. The development environment may or may not be available at any point in time. Changes to the development environments is coordinated within the developers via slack or email.
Dev-2 New features As for the development environment.

Realtime Environment Status

Realtime status of the various environments is available at: