DataONE Project Documents are stored in various locations.

Google Drive

The primary location for project documents in Phase II of the project.


Open access collaborative notepad.


More advanced collaborative editor that uses markdown syntax and authentication through GitHub.

Subversion Repository

A subversion repository that contains technical documentation and source code.


A collection of Git repositories hosted by GitHub contains some documentation sources. This resource is limited by the size of content that may be stored.


The redmine issue tracker can be used to store documents as attachements, or to add simple documents using the wiki (Markdown syntax). (DEPRECATED)

Setup with Phase I of the DataONE project. This is a plone site that is maintenance challenged. New content should not be added here, and where appropriate, existing content should be migrated to another location.

Google Drive Notes

DataONE uses the public, generally available version of docs, and as a consequence there are some inconveniences to be aware of.

Duplicate files appear like some sort of duality paradox.

Managing File Permissions