Managing Display of Upcoming Nodes

Upcoming Member Nodes are optionally added to the upcoming Member Nodes list

Adding a MN to the Upcoming Node List


Figure 1. Procedure for listing a MN in the list of upcoming Member Nodes without registering the node in the production environment.

  1. There must be agreement within DataONE and by the MN that they can be listed as upcoming.
  2. For the MN to display properly a number of custom properties must be set, and the values for these should be recorded in the corresponding MN Deployment ticket in readmine.
  3. The logo for the MN must be ready for display and present in the web folder on in the member-node-info repository on GitHub.
  4. Adding an node entry in the upcoming.xml document and committing the change to GitHub will trigger the listing of the node as upcoming in the dashboard.
  5. The node should appear in the dashboard within 15 minutes.

Registering an Upcoming Member Node

The process of registering a node will add it to the production node list reported by the Coordinating Nodes.


Figure 2. Procedure for listing a Member Node as upcoming when it is registered with the production Coordinating Nodes.