Member Node Approval Process

After reviewing DataONE literature and deciding that a partnership with DataONE would be beneficial to all parties, a Member Node will, working with project personnel, prepare a “proposal” including information about data holdings, scope of interaction with DataONE, etc. This includes completion of a Member Node Description Document.

The DataONE Member Nodes team will evaluate the proposal using several of the criteria below:

Selection criteria

  • First Principle: Select MNs for joining DataONE based on number of instantiations.
  • Second Principle: Select MNs based on quantity and quality of data.
  • Third Principle: Select high-profile MNs.
  • Fourth Principle: Select pragmatically - knowing that there are resources and enthusiasm to complete the tasks.
  • Fifth Principle: Select MNs based on their ability to contribute to long-term sustainability.
  • Sixth Principle: Select MNs that are diverse and geographically distributed so that we cover a range of MN types and globally distributed nodes.
  • Seventh Principle: Select based on showing exemplars for what we want DataONE to be.

Criteria for Standing Up a DataONE Member Node

  • Size and visibility of the community represented by the candidate MN.
  • The collections are significant or enable new science or both.
  • Fills significant gaps in the content available through DataONE.
  • The data are unique data in the broader community.
  • Collections are strong in breadth, depth or both
  • The candidate brings significant contributions to the DataONE resource base, including: #. strategic partnerships #. professional expertise in managing data, computing, administration, etc. #. synergistic services #. new funding streams or other sustainability enhancing resources #. technical resources such as storage capacity, bandwidth, and processing power #. compatibility with DataONE services, minimizing cost of deployment
  • The candidate adds diversity to the collective membership of DataONE such as through: #. geographic diversity: a new state or region, new country, new continent #. under-represented group #. linguistic and cultural diversity #. different type of institution #. diversity of funding sources
  • The candidate offers compliance with best practices and standards, including: #. quality assurance #. data sharing policies #. metadata creation #. security