Reindexing ContentΒΆ

$ cd /usr/share/dataone-cn-index/
$ sudo java -jar d1_index_build_tool.jar -h
DataONE solr index build tool help:

This tool indexes objects the CN's system metadata map.
   Nothing is removed from the solr index, just added/updated.

Please stop the d1-index-task-processor while this tool runs:
       /etc/init.d/d1-index-task-processor stop
And restart when the tool finishes:
       /etc/init.d/d1-index-task-processor start

-d     System data modified date to begin index build/refresh from.
       Data objects modified/added after this date will be indexed.
       Date format: mm/dd/yyyy.

-a     Build/refresh all data objects regardless of modified date.

-c     Build/refresh a number data objects, the number configured by this option.
        This option is primarily intended for testing purposes.

-pidFile   Refresh index document for pids contained in the file path
           supplied with this option.  File should contain one pid per line.

-migrate   Build/refresh data object into the next search index
             version's core - as configured in:
Exactly one option amoung -d or -a or -pidFile must be specified.

So, I usually create a pid list using MN.listObjects(), save it to, say, /tmp/pids.txt, and then use:

sudo java -jar d1_index_build_tool.jar -pidFile/tmp/pids.txt

(notice the no space between the pidFile option and the path argument).