Enter / Exit Read Only Mode

Putting a DataONE envrionment in read only mode is achieved by turning off the d1-processing service which should be running only on the primary CN.


To shutdown d1-processing:

  1. Set the service control properties to FALSE on the primary CN
  2. Check that batch processing has completed
  3. Shutdown the da-processing service

To startup d1-processing:

  1. Set the service control properties to TRUE
  2. Start the d1-processing service on the primary CN

Entering read only mode

d1-processing is responsible for synchronization, replication, and log aggregation. Each of these processes involves long-running batches of work where uncontrolled disruption of the batch may leave work in an incomplete state. d1-processing monitors service control properties and will initiate orderly shutdown of services when the value of the property changes to FALSE. Hence, d1-processing should always be shut down in a controlled manner by toggling the value of the service control properties.

d1-processing monitors three property files, one for each of synchronization, replication, and log aggregation. The property files are located under /etc/dataone/process.

Process Property File Service Control Property
Synchronization synchronization.properties Synchronization.active
Replication replication.properties Replication.active
Log Aggregation logAggregation.properties LogAggregator.active

In each case, the valid values for the service control property are TRUE or FALSE, with FALSE indicating the service should shut itself down if running and not start when the d1-processing service starts up.

The value of the property can be set by directly editing the properties file or through a utility that can toggle the values. On the CNs, the script /usr/local/bin/d1processingstate will report and set the value of the service control property for each of the three services:

$ d1processingstate

$ sudo d1processingstate FALSE
Previous:  Synchronization.active=TRUE
New:       Synchronization.active=FALSE
Previous:  Replication.active=TRUE
New:       Replication.active=FALSE
Previous:  LogAggregator.active=TRUE
New:       LogAggregator.active=FALSE

A fabric script to toggle service values is also available for remotely setting the service control property values:

d1cnprocessingstate -S FALSE -H cn-orc-1.dataone.org

After setting the service control properties to FALSE, it may take some time for services to shutdown before the d1-processing service can be shutdown.

The state of the services can be determined by watching the respective service logs.

Process Log File
Synchronization /var/log/dataone/synchronize/cn-synchronization.log
Replication /var/log/dataone/replicate/cn-replication.log
Log Aggregation /var/log/dataone/logAggregate/cn-aggregation.log

The cn-synchronization.log will emit a message like:

[ WARN] 2018-07-02 11:51:10,000 [SynchronizationQuartzScheduler_Worker-21]  (MemberNodeHarvestJob:execute:75) null-  ObjectListHarvestTask Disabled
[ WARN] 2018-07-02 11:51:47,982 [SynchronizationQuartzScheduler_Worker-20]  (SyncMetricLogJob:execute:50) SyncMetricLogJob Disabled

When satisfied that d1-processing activity has completed, the service may be stopped:

sudo service d1-processing stop

Exiting read only mode

Exiting read only mode requires ensuring that the service control properties are set to TRUE then starting the d1-processing service:

$ sudo d1processingstate TRUE
Previous:  Synchronization.active=FALSE
New:       Synchronization.active=TRUE
Previous:  Replication.active=FALSE
New:       Replication.active=TRUE
Previous:  LogAggregator.active=FALSE
New:       LogAggregator.active=TRUE

$ sudo service d1-processing start